People change. “Those” people encompass the evolving little personalities of my wonderful children, the aging of the people who caringly and lovingly helped raise me, the long time friends I thought would always be around but now have lives and families of their own, the world seemingly turning colder and darker regarding the realm of pure human connection and rounding it off with the changes blossoming (at times) within me. My perspectives, activities, things and people who are taking precedence in my life, have all changed. I am an entirely different person than I was 5 years ago… around the time I started this blog.

Various aspects of life’s hills and valleys have taken me into the depths of despair to then swoop me all the way into the arms of Angels, soaring above mountain tops, soaking up the sun with sheer bliss being grateful just to be alive. Remembering and always trying to bring myself back to that gratitude for the life I have; being surrounded by wonderful people, nature, life and having the freedom to truly create the life we desire…

However, sometimes we get lost as we trek through soaring then falling in and out of those hills and valleys, trying to just pick ourselves back up. And in these moments of being lost, certain changes and realizations just become more prevalent. Such as people no longer being there, situations passing you by that you weren’t fully present for but somehow took part in, family or friends changing, problems blowing up you didn’t anticipate… the list goes on.

Recently, there were some life changes, that again I hadn’t anticipated that threw me into a mentally dark place. A place where I didn’t expect to allow myself to be a part of… The statement I’ve heard often and believe it’s truth, “you’re only given what you can handle” is what I’ve witnessed after reflecting throughout my entire life and seeing what others have endured. From my patience to strength of the mind… I’m convinced I was given exactly what I could handle all along the way, as painful and as insane as it’s all been. There are others who’ve struggled far more than I, and I completely acknowledge that. However, I’m handling the events in life meant for my journey and capabilities, and sometimes those are just as trying for me.

Going through life has always been a very huge mental struggle for me. “Do they like me?” “Am I good enough?” “Did I say the wrong thing?” “Was I too enthusiastic or excited and did it sound insincere?” “Was I there enough?” “Did I do enough?” And on and on. Those voices constantly nagging at me, questioning my worth of having people I care about in my life and whether I’m giving too much or saying too much or not doing enough etc…

To utter “I am enough” seems so simple… but for me, I’ve learned it’s always been my biggest struggle with my kids, men in my life, dear friends, family, clients, students, acquaintances, pets…you name it every question that runs through my mind is, “am I enough?”

Well as a now 30 year old woman who’s experienced a whirlwind of life’s tribulations, I can now say that yes indeed, I am ENOUGH. I may not be everyone’s cup of tea, nor may I be their cup of tea at this point in their life…but that’s ok!

Women in particular are usually always trying to be people pleasers; that reigns true with this lady for most of my life. Inviting people to things that they would never think to invite me to in return, going the extra mile in hopes they would be there for me if I needed it at some point, staying up late or waking up with anxiety concerned about things said not said done and not done, reaching out first at an attempt to keep and maintain friendships, trying to mend relationships that really shouldn’t be mended… just all this wasted energy and time all because I never was sure if just being me, was enough for anyone. How sad. Wasted precious minutes on this Earth to prove to others that I’m enough.

I wrote this in hopes that my simple statement of being ENOUGH, helps at least one person out there recognize their worth in this huge world. Until you see it within yourself, you will continue to give and give and give until there is no more and wind up depleting away until you realize, “how did I get here? Why am I here?” And maybe that’s how you found this – it’s time to realize..YOU ARE ENOUGH!

QUIT…Looking Only at the Numbers!

It’s month’s end and I made a vow to try and post twice a month…ha, I made it so far! As for those New Year’s Eve goals and resolutions, how are they coming on your end? Most of mine are rolling along, minor setbacks, but I get right back on track as soon as I notice the wheel veering out of my set direction…

The reason for my post today is just that, my goal I set for myself is in progress, not yet reached but in the works. Being HEALTHY and tackling the ongoing task of maintaining that health once achieved, and not getting discouraged with stagnant growth nor upset with myself when I have mindlessly munched when I shouldn’t or had that piece of cake or two when I could have said no. It all comes down to being happy with you and your incremental progress.

This is why I say quit looking at the numbers!

Ignore the number!

Seriously, take a look and take note, but don’t get down on yourself!


In the end it doesn’t matter how MUCH you weigh, it’s how healthy you feel and look – inside and out! I have had personal struggles since I was young with my eating (may go into more detail in another post this year), self-esteem and over all health. With time, acquired wisdom and personal growth, I have learned the importance of being satisfied with yourself as you are. If you can never be happy with yourself in the now, when will you be happy, your death bed? I am not saying there aren’t days where I am down on myself still, but it goes back to an overall knowledge that you are trying to be a better you. With every step you become closer to your goals, but always keep in the back of your mind – you are trying (IF you truly are…acknowledge it and embrace those efforts – possibly even reward yourself.)

This realization came today, as a previously scale obsessed lady, it had been a little over a week since I stepped on it (HUGE change from before when I was weighing myself a few times a day…). I looked down and the numbers did not change one ounce from the last time I stepped on it. It is more than I have weighed in years, but as I look in the mirror, recap my workouts and review my eating patterns and menu choices, I realize my efforts are there and I FEEL AMAZING. I do a lot of reading on proper things to eat, not to eat, what to work on, what not to stress about etc….I read at least 3-10 health articles a day, I group it together and come up with my own regime, because that is how I roll, haha! Regardless, I can visually see my efforts panning out, and so can others – they asked if I lost weight, and no, no I have not. My weight has readjusted from fat into muscle and I am ok with the NUMBERS because of the knowledge of my accomplishments this far.

No, you don't have to literally lift a ball, but get with the program...you need to be ACTIVE to feel good!

No, you don’t have to literally lift a ball, but get with the program…you need to be ACTIVE to feel good!

My eating is on par for the most part, boredom sometimes strikes with an evil vengeance but I just work that much harder in an effort to counter that intake. So ladies, gentlemen, please, please know that the beauty you exhume within yourself is not always based on how you look nor the numbers on the scale…its how you FEEL…and for once in my life, I can legitimately say with confidence, I AM HEALTHY and oh so very HAPPY with things and how they are. Struggles are still there, but being at peace with me and who I am has got to be the best feeling one can experience.

Don't starve yourself, make healthy eating decisions...you may stray, just make a better choice next time! We are HUMAN!

Don’t starve yourself, make healthy eating decisions…you may stray, just make a better choice next time! We are HUMAN!

If you need help getting to that place, someone to talk to, help you plan and achieve this as well…I would LOVE to hear from you and offer sound advice as I have been through so much already in my brief time here, and am the LEAST judgmental person you will meet. I take it in, I mull it over and give my HONEST take and perspective – judgment free. There is only one person who can pass judgment, and that my friends, is NOT me. Click here to follow me on twitter and chat regarding how I may be able to help you!

Have an awesome day! See you in February folks!!!

It’s YOUR Time…Reflect, Aim and Plot it Out!

One month, two month…three going on four! My oh my has time flown by! So sorry to keep so many out in the dark, it’s been a crazy busy few months to say the least with so much changing on my end – some for the good and some debatable… depending on how you view things.

Which leads me to my topic today – TIME. “What are you up to?” “What’s new?” “What’s going on?” All these questions are typically how we go about starting a conversation. And if you think about it and answer it thoughtfully instead of the typical “not much” or whatever the norm is for your response – what is it that YOU ARE DOING?


With it being a new year, a clean slate (Happy New Year by the way!) it’s time for reflection on where our time is being utilized in our lives. I look back on 2013 and can see lots of hours invested in working out, activities with my kids, vacationing with loved ones, pursuing and building on new and old relationships, spiritual growth – all on the more beneficial side. Then there were those moments wasted in my eyes spent scrolling through newsfeeds, tears shed on those not worthy of any second of my time, clicking from pointless article to pointless article that proves to be for little or no betterment as a human being – just plain time waste nonsense.

That signals there needs to be a change in how I go about planning my days, my hours my minutes… MY LIFE! Although I’m very goal oriented it’s easy to get side tracked and doing things that simply are of no benefit. With our hours numbered on Earth how can any of us go day to day without a plan? There’s a purpose each one of us are here, I truly believe that, so if you dig deep within yourself to pull out what you have to offer not only yourself but others, you begin to see how you can use your minutes to get to a point where you can truly fulfill YOUR purpose.

Who doesn’t want to feel as if their existence has reason…a meaning? Everyone wants to know they have impacted this world in some facet or another. There’s something that makes you tick, that keeps you going, what is it? What’s Up? What are you DOING?

This video link below has been found on blogs and sites… some may or may not have seen this but it’s eye opening nonetheless. All I know is it really puts into perspective a visual and insight as to how much time we have to fulfill our goals, desires our deepest passions… Aim for the stars, and then plot out how you will get there!


Sleep…Where Are You?

It’s a fine, fine Monday morning at say, 2AM and oh no, I’m definitely NOT out and about just leaving a bar…been in bed since 10PM.

My post this morning comes from frustration. Sleep is so important to our mind, body and overall health, yet as we get older I’ve noticed so many get less and less of it…why?

Kids sleep upwards of 8-12 hours, it’s an unheard of timeframe for most adults to comprehend. Some nights I’m lucky to get FOUR hours of sleep… Ridiculous!

My thoughts have brought me to a primary conclusion on why most people as we age fail to obtain those oh so critical Zzzzzzz’s. Stress, anxiety, worry – those are a few things that most every adult face daily, weather it be your job, relationship, children, bills etc. there are things that “HAVE to be done” “NEED to be finished”, “MUST get resolved”…and so on. But should we be letting these things consume us to the point we can’t even obtain the very thing that helps us tick and BE more productive and able to achieve those things?

Why can’t we just let go as adults? Or is it just me with this perception on sleepless nights? All I know is never not once have I heard a child state they can not sleep due to stresses of everyday life, more like nightmares would wake them but once comforted…off to dreamland once more!

I’m envious of the simple mind… Longing for those yesteryears where I knew not the stresses and concerns of being an adult. How do we let go and just SLEEP?!

Some people choose to medicate to cover up this anxiety or their bad sleeping habits, I can’t bring myself to unnecessarily use medication however to cure something that I believe can be resolved by clearing of the mind. I’ve now set my sights on finding a way to de-stress prior to bed…new goal? Yep! Sleep is so important to our health – why sacrifice it for the problems and concerns of tomorrow?!

So in parting this early morn… Think about your sleeping habits. Have you hit a point where there’s less and less of it and more and more worry? Lets make it a priority to find it within us to just LET GO… Leave anxieties and the “adult” in us behind as we lay down our head tonight. This will be key in weeks to come. Will update you all on progress/lack thereof… (Please feel free to provide input on things that have or haven’t worked for you!!)



Bake Somethin’ Fresh!

Those who make the trek to mi casa every now and then know I absolutely LOVE to cook… Seriously, it’s the best stress reliever. If ever I come home disgruntled by a certain person, event or obstacle in my life, I turn on my oven/stove and go to town.

Purpose of tonight’s blog? None other then to express the bomb discovery I made in my very own kitchen (I’m sure tons of you are like, yeah I make these all the time, but I have not…thus the excitement!) My new house’s yard has tons of fruits and veggies that I’ve been harvesting (nothing better than utilizing your own goods to create a dish for those you love)! Therefore I have been trying to discover ways to use them… Well I found my new fav for the time being on the baked goods side at least (I typically don’t bake, so I’m stoked to find something beside my banana bread to make) – cobblers! Mmmm mmmm mmmm!

Even my wee ones are completely in love with these tasty fresh baked treats. I have tried making two thus far, but know I will be creating a few more before the fruits are gone from the trees.

First one was a blackberry rhubarb cobbler. Toss the fruit in brown sugar, orange juice, cornstarch, vanilla and then pour the flour, sugar, cinnamon (I also used nutmeg) and chunks of butter to crisp the topping (yeah real butter, I know I know crazy talk coming from me). Baked at 375 for about 30 minutes. This one was sweet, with a touch of bitter from the blackberries. Kiddos ate with some low fat vanilla ice cream.

Second was a white peach, rhubarb, strawberry, blackberry and apple cobbler. (Hey I love my fruit….) this one I kinda went off the top of my head on what was used in the first and I did zero measuring (makes me feel more accomplished throwing things together at random with no guidance and it coming out delish.) this cobbler was devoured within the evening, half by my tots and the other by my parents. No I scream needed, it was uber sweet, my fav!

So to sum ‘er up, get to harvesting from your own backyard and throw something yummy together for the fam! Fall is about to grace us with it’s presence, your family will thank you… Or fight over the last helping! Regardless go ahead and try making something new to you, doesn’t have to be a cobbler… Just something different, you may be surprised upon your discovery!

Pin It and Throw A Flower In!

Hola! It’s been a hot minute, and by hot I mean too long, my apologies! Today I bring you a blog I’ve been meaning to write for a while now…so here she is!

For years I had the same hair style go-to’s; straighten or scrunch to embrace my God-given curly locks… That’s it. Blah! I know. As my sense for fashion and trying the new and unventured territories came about via clothing, so to came my curiosity on new Do’s!

Everyone goes through their phases of hair, and my oh my are there some duezzy’s lol! So a current phase I’m in is accessorizing not only my body but my hair/head! It’s a fun quick way to jazz up your whole ensemble and pull the outfit together.

For instance, you ever have that crazy hair day where it’s seriously everywhere, no time to wash it and straighten it etc? THOSE are the days I’ve gotten the most compliments on my hair. And the crazy thing about it is it takes THE LEAST time to do!

Those mornings where you feel as if you were reincarnated as Medusa herself – grab some bobby pins, take loose strands and pin at random away and up from your face. Once done, grab a flower, fancy jeweled barrette or cute head band to add to mix and go… Seriously that simple.

Quick tips, dirty hair (meaning a few days no washing) is the best to work with when pinning up. Add some salt spray or mousse for waves and then do the pinning. It may take a few times to master how you want your hair to fall but the beauty about pinning, is you have control of where every lock lands.

So to sum it up, when all else fails, and you have no idea what to do with your hair… Pin it and throw a flower in! 😉 Flowers make all things prettier!


Give Up What? That’s Right, It’s Possible!

So a request rolled in (always willing to take those folks) and thus comes this evenings spiel! Recently I gave up coffee…Monday will be week seven! For me, that’s insane as I was downing an entire pot or more in a day well into evening hours – out of hand I must say… I’ve been known on several occasions to just give up something I find myself becoming too dependent on cold turkey. I’ve evaluated why I do this and I am no therapist but, I feel it’s due to me not wanting to have to rely on anything/anyone but myself. Call me crazy but it makes me feel weak and like I have lost control…? Anyway, for me that usually is the key initiator to making the decision to remove something from my life.

Typically its spurred by an event that transpires in my life where I hit a moment of realization and notice things in my life could be better. I look at what is making things difficult or hard for me to accomplish my goals for my future with my family, career and health. Once I have established these items I look at what I can control, and then whip out my handy dandy notepad/journal (yep the ole’ pen and paper thing…) and list out what I want to change, why I want to change it and the goal I want to achieve by giving this up.

After I have established my goals and really focus on the changes that need to be made to get to those, I have a chat with myself (once again – call me crazy) and give myself a pep talk on how the change is for the best and the results in the end will satisfy the void, or create the necessary change.

So – staying on track…how DOES that work? Reference your journal when you feel a moment of weakness is a good starter. Revisit those initial thoughts where you put your heart and soul into the changes you wanted. And for those who believe in the good Lord above, I would say turn to Him for guidance and strength in your moments of not only weakness but throughout your journey. (I am not trying to get preachy on anyone – it is just the way I deal.) In addition to the above, I often share my goals with several people – that way I know if I do give up or fall off track I have several others that could potentially put me in check, inspire me, give me advice or simply just ask how it is going. In the event I have fallen off track, feel as if it is pointless etc., I can go to those aware and obtain the boost to get me back in the right mindset. You never know who you are inspiring with the proclamations made publicly as well as the events you do in your life – this goes for good and bad. Social media has played a huge role in helping me stay motivated and on track with my goals – weird I know. Most times I will make a post of some sort referencing my newest goal set – that helps also. Also, seeing others who are working out, setting their own goals or achieving great things in life keep me fueled and energized in staying in tune with my life and what needs to be done.

Many who know me realize I am VERY goal oriented – over achiever maybe? Who knows, but my goal oriented frame of mind is how I got to where I am at now in life. It’s not perfect, but no ones life is ever perfect…so I think I am OK with striving for a better me while hopefully creating a form of inspiration to those around me to help achieve their goals as well. It’s pretty cool knowing you have impacted someones’ life for the better.

So – let me challenge you…dust off the old notebook (or buy a new one – whatever tickles your fancy) and truly think about what is making you unsatisfied in your current situation, It could be in your relationship, your current state of health, friendships, whatever is not sitting right with where you thought you would be. Then write it down, and find out HOW you can change it. Everything is dependent on YOUR choices, so don’t blame others for where you are at. Be better and make the move to NOW to find a happier and healthier you!

Good night y’all!!! ❤

*Photo is of my fav coffee mug…Empty – bittersweet…But so far – on track!Image

Plant The Seed: Inspire & Motivate

Sunday night, and the time is right, for a little Duezzy pick me up! On my quiet run with my faithful pooch – Toostie – this morning, I realized how running was never a notion I considered until someone told me I could do it and thought ‘By Golly – they planted a seed, it sprouted and has remained rooted within me.’ Thus this post!!

Ever talk to a friend or loved one who just is not doing anything they actually want to do in their life or doubts EVERYTHING? Ever hear, “I hate my job” or “I wish I could do this” – yadda yadda… While I understand not everyone is as optimistic as I tend to be, here’s my advice when you hear those words: Plant a seed.

What does that mean Jess? Well I shall indulge your thirst there… Growing up I wanted to do so many things and I had such high hopes and dreams to get there and sometimes I felt – there’s no way I could possibly do that. (Boy was I wrong…) And I can say that even though ALL things in my life are not yet complete – I am reaching for the stars with no one in clear sight that could quite possibly stop me – try as they may – I will rise above all life’s obstacles. THIS attitude was instilled through words of inspiration and motivation from those I have ran into throughout my life – some were close to me, some just acquaintances. And in all honesty, some times those random conversations with a stranger I meet, throughout this crazy thing called life, have inspired me the most…(Those who know me know I make friends with anyone and everyone…LOVE meeting new people.)

OK OK – onto HOW to plant that there seed I was referencing. When you are conversing with someone and you can FEEL that passion, or see/witness their capabilities whether it be work, craftiness, enjoyment, travel etc…LISTEN to what they are saying and try to dig a little deeper with sincere questions. “How long have you enjoyed doing that?” “What is holding you back?” “What if you COULD do/be that?” When asking those questions, try and give votes of encouragement, maybe cool ideas that pop into your head, websites, contacts…maybe that is just my “networker” mind-frame – always trying connect people to the right people to get things accomplished and help others (NOTHING brings me more excitement than witnessing others benefit from something I have helped with or inspired.)

It always fascinates me trying to get to know someone – which is why I enjoy being around people so much, the mysteries of the brain are intriguing… There have been times in my life where I was totally confident in something that I was doing and was blatantly shot down and made to feel as if everything I did was worthless and for nothing. That gesture alone should not have stopped me or prevented me from doing what I enjoyed – but it did. Why do people do this to you? Because they have problems of their own that they need settled – DON”T be that person. I beg you – give constructive criticism, pointers, and just try and give that boost that they may have needed all these years to finally bite the bullet and get things going. You never know what your words can do to that person’s psyche.

Nowadays it is not what people say to me that inspires me so much to push forward, although at times it still totally is necessary, it is the doubts and perceptions that people have for me. Instead of getting down and hard on myself about those perceptions – I find something to get me going and feel accomplished. You see we don’t NEED constant encouragement and gratification for things we do – we just need some one, at some point, to give that little boost of motivation to be more, rise above the obstacles and face life as if there is no tomorrow…flower

Goodnight (actually morning now…!)

Blue Suede Shoes? Don’t Mind if I Do!

Whew, busy week and then some! But I’m back, and decided to venture into the saddle regarding a lil’ piece on fashion!

Just as an FYI – I do NOT proclaim to be any type of fashion expert or guru on the subject at hand, but it’s something I enjoy creating…on a budget!

Those who work in an office or place where wearing a mandatory shirt or outfit is required – this is prolly not for you – unless you like to dress nice outside of work too!

You ever feel like ‘Man, back into my generic, black, grey and white business suit/outfit’? As I began in the business world a few years back I recognized that my extreme sense for lively color may not fit well into the office world, or so I thought!

Slowly as I began acquiring a neat discounted top from here, and a second hand store steal on this vibrant suit coat or nice work pants/pencil skirts there, and a super great clearance price on some funky heels from an outlet store, to then topping off the wardrobe with some el-cheapo spunky jewelry from wherever… I found myself beginning the journey to MOOD DRESSING!

Now I’m not sure if that’s coined anywhere, but I have been stating this for some time now… When your in a confident mood, bust out those chunky obnoxious heels and loud top and pair it with a low key bottom and accessorize like no tomorrow! Those are the exciting days for me – kind of like today’s ensemble that sparked this post (hence my blue suede shoes per the below photo!)

Waking up and feeling groggy and not with it? I usually keep it low key and crisp with browns and blacks, yet still sparking it up with a colorful accessory – I’ll delve into that more on one of those days

Today, as mentioned, was a definite day where I felt as if nothing could stop me… Hey everyone should feel that way a time or two, right?! Anyway, my process goes like this – I see in my head kind of what I’m feeling and I start piecing my hodge podge uberly inexpensive items together, throwing this and that until I look and say to myself (keep in mind, don’t let anyone else tell you how you should look, it’s all in YOUR head and mood) A-HA and that’s it!!!

Now I’ve had people tell me, you know who you are *wink*, ‘I can’t believe you’re going out like that’, or ‘what the heck did you put on’. And I have to tell you all, those ARE the days where I receive the most compliments and acknowledgements for the creativity I pieced together that morning, and feel the most confident.

So I end with this today, if you’re feeling blah with your wardrobe, head to a thrift store or clearance rack and go nuts on YOUR favorite items. Don’t try to match them there, create your masterpiece while in THE MOOD! Embrace your style and how you feel, you live only once so live for yourself!!!

Have a spectacular evening y’all!

OH! And feel free to ask questions or comment, I’m game for feedback!

…and for your visual take on today’s expressive happenings in the Dues closet – please view below!


Up And At ‘Em!

This post may hit home to some and may bring forth several excuses in others. But I’m going to bring up a very important topic to me – balancing life, health and exercise.

So EVERYONE is busy, I get it! At one point in my life (fairly recent) I was working a full time job, selling Arbonne on the side, organizing an event for a networking Group I’m in, selling my previous house, purchasing my new home, packing/moving and still tending to my wee ones at home…where’s the time to workout in there, right? WRONG!

Your body, under all of that stress, NEEDS the endorphins release, so where would one incorporate this said workout time? In all honesty I throw it in throughout my day in spurts. Walking to the bathroom – tighten things up as you walk, in the bathroom – do a few squats, leg lifts and wall push-ups (all my colleagues are going ‘ahhhh that’s what she does in there’…ha), at my desk – leg lifts and booty tightening moves, TAKE your lunch break and utilize your office stairs if you have them or walk the building and last and most importantly, I have instilled it in my children to workout WITH mama!

This very important item is what some say is not possible with yours, but I ask you to seriously encourage this – lead by example. Trust me, one of my children are not 100% into it, but still they understand the importance of working out, and will understand that this is necessary in life to maintain a healthy body AND mind.

You may wonder what workouts I do that kids can do… It’s as simple as inviting them to choose after observing you do a few. My daughter in particular is a HUGE fan of my Jillian Michaels workouts. My son, on the other hand, likes to pick out a workout based on making fun of how I look while doing them – haha! In one of his very uplifting motivating statements, the child I dare say, encouraged me to work harder as he declared “I don’t want you to do that video mom, because your butt jiggles too much!” Oye, did that ever hit me! I laughed and then busted tail to work harder -lol! (Side bar on parenting -Some may say you should teach your kids not to say rude things. Trust me when I say, I tell them those things hurt others feelings, but with me I encourage their forthright statements as you can never get more honest than a child’s pure evaluation of something – seriously. Embrace that honesty in some respects by allowing them to not beat around the bush with you, if you can’t be truthful with the ones you love, who can you be honest with? It may sting, but take it for what it’s worth and make changes if you don’t like what you hear!)

This timeframe in which I incorporated these workouts were when I got home from work. Yes, there are other things that should/could have been done, but this was more important. It A. Allows bonding time with the tots, B. encourages them and sets a positive example on how important this part of your life is, and C. Is mandatory in today’s crazy busy world to maintain your health to be HERE for you kids and family.

Nowadays that life has settled some, and I’m not losing hair at the same rate as which I’m breathing, I now have time to do other things aside from just a video…such as run, bike, take spin and yoga classes, USE the workout equipment I’ve got stashed in my basement, crank the music and just dance with kids (AMAZING workout and just plain out fun for all of us). It’s all about prioritizing…

I challenge you all to find some time during your day to utilize the opportunity to burn a few calories and slowly take strides in gaining back your health AND sanity. And for all those parents out there, LEAD BY EXAMPLE!

Have a happy, healthy rest of your day – until next time!!!